Most Important Vitamins and Minerals for Oral Health

Most Important Vitamins and Minerals for Oral Health

Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body to remain healthy. Our body cannot produce these nutrients on its own. We have to intake these nutrients through our diet.

Vitamin B

This nutrient promotes cell reproduction in gum tissues, as well as new tissue growth in the mouth. It also helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent gingivitis. When oral tissues are healthy, bacteria can’t easily cause irritation or inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, gum disease can impact your whole body. Researchers now believe that it may be related to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and even Alzheimer’s. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system to fight infection and promote healing. When administered orally, it aids in the healing of tissue in the mouth. It can help to reduce inflammation and rid the body of free radicals that may cause cancer. Vitamin C can also help to protect teeth against the effects of plaque, which is the main cause of tooth decay. Additionally, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from food.

Vitamin C is found in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, broccoli, kiwis, bell peppers, and Brussels sprouts. It can also be found in certain grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, rye, and barley. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is necessary for a healthy immune system, as well as good eyesight. However, supplements have been linked to an increase in oral cancers. It’s recommended that you avoid taking too much vitamin A if you have certain chronic diseases or are taking blood thinner medications. Mouth sores also can be a sign of vitamin A toxicity.

Other sources of vitamin A include carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, eggs, sweet potatoes, fish oil, milk, butter, cheese, cod liver oil, and oranges.


Calcium is one of the most important minerals in your body, playing a key role in the health of your teeth. Your body needs calcium to maintain healthy bones, muscles, nerves, and the heart. Even though it’s readily available in dairy products like milk and cheese, there are plenty of non-dairy alternatives to keep your diet balanced. Leafy greens, almonds, tofu, and sardines are all great sources of natural calcium – make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet to ensure you’re getting enough of the good stuff!


When paired with calcium, phosphorus helps to form strong teeth and bones. It also helps the body absorb other nutrients, such as iron and magnesium. This mineral can be found in dairy products, fish, nuts, eggs, and other dark leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, many adults do not consume enough of this nutrient, which may contribute to tooth decay or gum disease. In children, low levels of phosphorus may lead to stunted growth. For oral health reasons, it’s important to make sure your child gets enough phosphorus to prevent cavities and keep their teeth healthy.


While people may think of calcium as the only mineral important for dental health, magnesium is just as important. In fact, it’s required for the body to convert vitamin D into its active form. Without enough of this vital nutrient, the body can’t absorb vitamin D properly. In turn, this can lead to a number of dental problems, including gum disease and osteoporosis. The vitamin is also crucial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, as it plays a key role in bone strength. Of course, it’s also important for maintaining strong tooth enamel. In addition to preventing tooth decay, sufficient magnesium intake can also help protect the gums from developing periodontal bacteria. It can also help to reduce the inflammation associated with periodontal disease.

The most common dietary source of magnesium comes from nuts, seeds, and vegetables. It can also be found in whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat bread. 

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