Crowns & Bridges in Los Angeles, CA

Crowns & Bridges in Los Angeles, CA

Missing, damaged, and broken teeth are one of the biggest oral concerns of most people. Dental crowns and bridges offer the best and most durable solution to these dental problems. At our dental practice, we make crowns and bridges after a comprehensive examination of your mouth to offer you the best restorative solutions. 

What are Crowns and Bridges? 

A crown, also called a cap, is a type of dental restoration that protects the exposed tooth surface to improve its appearance and fortify it. On the other hand, a bridge is a dental restoration that replaces and restores one or more missing teeth. The entire unit comprises an artificial tooth or teeth fused to crowns on both sides to offer support. We make crowns and bridges in natural shape and color to match your natural teeth. 

Signs You Need a Crown

  • A cracked tooth showing no symptom 
  • A deeply decayed tooth with no structure left to support a dental filling
  • Sensitivity to temperature, specifically cold
  • Sensitivity to bite pressure 
  • A tooth that requires root canal treatment 
  • A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment 
  • A tooth with silver amalgam restoration that is breaking down

How are Crowns and Bridges Made? 

We administer local anesthesia to you if required and take an impression for a temporary crown or bridge. We remove all the decayed parts and reduce the circumference and height of the abutment teeth. After preparing your teeth to receive the restoration, we take another impression for a permanent crown or bridge. We send this impression to the dental lab, where our staff fabricates the crown or bridge. 
Meanwhile, we place the temporary crown in your mouth so that you don’t have to live with missing or prepared teeth, even if it is just for a few days. On receiving the crown or the bridge, we cement it in place. 

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

  • Reduce pain and sensitivity 
  • Improves aesthetics 
  • Improves occlusion 
  • Prevent damage or crack from progressing
  • Facilitate eating 
  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Promotes balanced diet 

How to Care for Crowns and Bridges?

Do not chew sticky or hard food in the area where the crown or bridge is fitted. Brush your teeth regularly, and floss around the crown or bridge carefully. Use the “pull-through” method for flossing. Rinse your mouth with salt water, and avoid consuming hot food and beverages. 

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