Root Canal treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Root Canal treatment in Los Angeles, CA

A root canal treatment is always considered an effective and comfortable dental procedure. At DTLA Smile, we have saved many smiles with the help of this therapy. People viewed the root canal process as a painful procedure in the past, but now, it is performed effectively in a comfortable and relaxing way.

What involves in the root canal procedure?

We will begin by taking an X-Ray of the bothered tooth, i.e., severely decayed or infected one. We will numb the tooth to be treated using a local anesthetic. The dentist will place a dental dam into your mouth and create a small opening onto the tooth to be treated to access the pulp. The infected pulp is removed, and the cleaned area is replaced with a filling called gutta-percha along with adhesive cement to seal the canals.

At last, the dentist will place a permanent filling or crown to protect the treated tooth. 

What are the signs that show you need a root canal?

The signs below show that you might need a root canal: 
  • Unbearable tooth pain while chewing or applying pressure onto the tooth.
  • Experiencing high tooth sensitivity, i.e., pain while consuming something hot or cold.
  • Dark or discolored tooth discoloration
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Pimple or abscess on the gums

There are some rare cases in which the tooth shows no symptoms. So it is essential to visit your dentist for regular dental checkups. Even if your teeth seem healthy, there might still be some unforeseen underlying issues.

What are the advantages of getting a root canal?

A root canal has many advantages. They are as follows:

  • You can regain the ability to chew and eat properly, which will help you maintain good health.
  • Getting back to your normal bite doesn't put much pressure on your jaw.
  • Saving one damaged/infected tooth will help keep the health of the neighboring teeth from excessive wear or stress.
  • The rest of the teeth won't be affected by the infection if treated earliest, as there is the risk of it spreading to the adjacent teeth affecting your whole tooth structure.
  • The treated tooth will be able to get back to its natural function and healthy look.

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